Net Zero Connect

As the built environment reaches a critical point in the transition towards net zero, it is more important than ever to foster collaboration and dialogue amongst key stakeholders. Tackle the urgent challenges and emerging opportunities to achieve net zero in the built environment. This an unparalleled opportunity to engage with experts in the field, learn about the latest innovations and solutions, and network with leaders in the industry.

PPP specialists and strategic planners

Unlock funding and financing challenges to developing and delivering new Net Zero projects. Understand how to make assets achieve Net Zero and ensure they are compliant once handback is complete

Get insights on the environmental and carbon standards for built assets (such as PAS 2080, EN15643, PAS 2035, and BREEAM)

Environmental compliance managers 

Gain information on carbon offsetting & carbon credit strategies where they will find out if there are legitimate standards that can be trusted. Review the world of remediation, waste and landfill. 

Unlock Carbon capture advancements in the energy and waste sectors.

Architects, Designers and Engineers

Identify how ready you'll be for the future homes standard (due in 2025).

Discover how to design out carbon from future projects and how you can help to retrofit existing buildings to reduce operational carbon emissions. 

Town planners and local authorities

Understand how to prepare to cut carbon at the planning stage of new developments. Gain insights on carbon offsetting strategies in new developments.

Unlock upcoming legislation and regulations changes e.g. Future Homes Standard (due in 2025). Finally understand how to Retrofit existing developments to reduce operational carbon emissions.

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Covering all the key topics such as net Zero retrofitting, changes in government planning reforms, net zero & the cost crisis, green public procurement and much more across 2 days...


Bringing together key stakeholders from within the built environment, this conference gives attendees the opportunity to join in-depth conversations on the current state of the industry and the journey to Net Zero.


Expert-led roundtable sessions will focus in detail on key issues facing the industry, allowing you to engage with your peers and gain insight into new developments and strategies.


Adapted reuse - remediation, waste and landfill | Designing out carbon in public infrastructure | Upcoming policy changes | The roadmap to Net Zero | Green finance | Funding and financing challenges |  Developing and delivering new Net Zero projects? | Carbon offsetting strategies in new developments | Shaping a net zero future through policy | Government planning reforms in 2023 & beyond | Net zero & the cost crisis | what a successful net zero PPP looks like | The importance of embodied carbon and sustainable building materials in public infrastructure | Repurposing existing buildings to save the embodied carbon

and more...